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It’s cool now, but eh

I’m kinda bored


I love this game but after the newest update every time I beat the game after the credits I just keep floating on into space and I have to restart the game to play again. Not only can I not see my completion time but I don’t even know if it’s counting as a completion towards the Golden pot...

I got it over it, you can too

Just like anything, it takes persistence. Also paitience, lots of paitience.

I hate you Bennett

U have made me rage so much to the point I broke my iPad this game should not be played by anyone who is inpatient. Idk who hurt so much for u to hurt us like this.


I turned 13 years old today I got this game for my bday I knew this was going be hard I got past the first obstacle the tree it took me a half hour I’m on the big mountain with the house it is but I will pass it someday I like this game it keeps me busy bennit can you please make a version of sexy climber 🧗‍♀️ please please respond two this review as soon as possible

Great game

Great game. However, after the new update, the no acceleration mode got faster, and the input does not seem as accurate as the previous version.

Perfect Game Bennett

Bugs have been fixed, thanks a whole lot Bennett! I will report to you anything I find that's glitchy or buggy in each new version! New update has fixed all bugs anything found I will report. Edit: The only way to stream this game on twitch with 60 fps settings is you need to use omelet arcade, use 360 p (even this is too much for the game so it spazzes the hammer out) bet the game and since it tricks the game you are still streaming even though it says you aren't. Then switch the graphics to 60 fps, you're welcome for allowing for you to figure this out cause I know much about the game. Double Edit: The game has its casual lag spikes constantly which are so annoying. Nvm I got to the top of the mountain once and there after there was no more lag and it ran perfectly. Edit no it did not fix it I still lag way more than im Supposed to. Suggestion: you should add a bug/dev menu for making maps to upload and play for both pc and mobile, also the idea of livesplits option when streaming for those who speedrun of course. Nvm this won't ever happen... Thanks for taking your time to read this Bennett really appreciate it! Know that I strive for the best of this game! Hopefully you read this!like you have given the others a response.

Game breaking glitches force me to reinstall

I love this game, but there are a few game breaking glitches that made me reset everything I worked for. I sent an email about one of them, where when you spawn your hammer gets stuck under ground, but I just recently found a new one that forces you to reinstall. Here’s how it goes. When you spawn, and go into the water, if you point your hammer down diagonally, your hammer will get partially stick in the floor. When it un jams itself you get thrown into space. Then your game freezes and you can’t do anything but reinstall. Even when you restart the screen is still frozen. It would be great if you could take a look at the glitches.

Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy

This is one of the most fun, yet frustrating apps I’ve ever played.

App crashes

The game was as expected and challenging. The only problem was that the app crashed consecutively when I was in the shopping cart to radio tower area. This literally prevented me from getting over it and I hope they fix it soon.

Ending not the same as PC

This app does not have the reward at the end like it does in PC. This was a major disappointment. Other than that the game is great, it's just underwhelming once you finish it. Please implement the real ending!!

Just one thing

Look, its a grea tmobile port and all BUT the controls are pretty bad. Im getting frustrated more with the controls than the actual game itself. When I spin the hammer in circles, sometimes it inverts the controls for some stupid reason and I get thrown all the way to the bottom. This game is meant for PC and it shows.

Fecal matter

The game is horrible. The controls are clunky and unresponsive. Your character responds to the slightest inputs but fails when i move my finger with any speed at all. Textures glitch in and out of existence in certain areas and makes it seem like a disco. These problems are taking away from the game and making me angry at the wrong things rather than my inability to play the game correctly.

It’s good but...

I love this game no doubt. But the controls on IOS are ridiculous. I really dislike how it changes the pivot when you pick up your finger, and because of this, it can cause the hammer to shoot the other way, ruining your progress. Some area’s like the Devil’s Chimney are exceptionally harder because of the weird controls. I would honestly have fun playing this game if there was some sort of Joy pad on the screen, so I always know where the pivot point is at.


Laaaaaaagggggggg, the game would be a sh*t ton easier if their was no lag!!!

Fun but frustrating

Update keeps getting worse more bugs and lag impossible to play maybe it’s just my device

End-of-game chat

After I beat the entire game again after getting soft-locked at the cellphone tower, the game never gave me the option of accessing the end game chat. I find know if this is due to a glitch, or if the chat isn't in the app yet, but I'd just like to know why I can't access it. Great game overall.

Really bad

This is the stupidest game I have ever played in my life I want my money back!😡😡😡😡😡👺💩💩💩💩💩💩😭

Bennett plz listen to this review

I cant even get past the lantern part I’m a eleven year old and can u plz make the lantern part easier 😭

So challenging but worth it

This is a game that separates the boys from the men.

Getting over it

I LOVE it! but one problem. It’s a little glitched because I Hop on something and it teleport’s me to the beginning. So still I love and thank you for the best game in the world. The game made my day. So make more awesome games.🙂

Is this suppose to happen?

First of all, love the game. It is one of my favs and like Bennet says that he couldn’t bring himself to make it easier. The game is great how it is and it shouldn’t have save points and such added (unless if you added another difficulty). And I’m almost done with the game, I’m almost to space! I just need to get past the radio tower, but I can’t. Every time I get to the radio tower, the sensitivity for somewhat increases! this completely throws me off. I like the sensitivity REALLY low and knowing that it’s sped up, I’m not use to it. ALSO the game freezes and goes every second and then somehow the pot dude pushes himself off the radio tower and sends me back to the bucket. It seems like it wants you to fail, honestly. So I just wanna know, is this suppose to happen?


This will be difficult, but it is worth it at the end

One bug

So I played this and the volume was mute in game and I even checked my device volume

Better on PC.

Not really a game meant for touchscreen. In a game where controls are already pretty unpredictable making it on touchscreen makes it harder but not in a fun way. Gave it 3 start because the game itself is fun but if you really want to play it just don’t do it on a phone. Not worth the $5 here.

Way to glitchy

It’s really fun but the end is way to glitchy


I'm upset I buy this game to play it and can't even download it on my iPod or my iPad and both are compatible this is just bull


Controls are tight once you get used to them. Very satisfying to beat, and continues to be satisfying after multiple times. Find how many times you climbed the mountain in the leaderboards btw.

Insanely Hard!

The game is so hard!! I can’t even get passed the part we’re u have to jump in between the lights! The controls are really jacked up! I try to move and the guy in the barrel does the exact opposite!!! It’s ridiculous! Make the controls and the game easier and I’ll give a better review.

This game is impossible

Why 😡 those stupid lanterns are harder than juggling I wish whenever you fall off somewhere high on the mountain u didn't go all the way back to the beginning . Also the The controls are soooo lame , like one thing that happens to me is I don't do anything and then chucks me back to the beginning 😤😤😤 . DON'T WASTE MONEY !!!! For such a terrible game $5 dollars is a scam . Plz read people who want to buy. Also if I could rate this game -20 trillion stars that is how I would rate it .

Hate this game

The skin on my finger is gone...I’ll go play ‘Thumper’ for a FAIR challenge that doesn’t physically hurt me (this game was supposed to be about mental pain, not PHYSICALLY hurt your finger). PS. I reached the slide part as just deleted the game. The controls make ZERO sense on touch screen...maybe on pc it plays better. But just a terrible, awful game on iOS. Requested Refund

I did it

I got to the top. Warning can be frustrating if you are like that

Needs some small improvement

Okay, I feel like I was a bit harsh on this game and didn’t do it justice, so here’s what I actually think about it. It’s what you would expect from a ported iOS app game. Is kinda down graded and it’s not the sharpest looking game, but the new update added a new feature which I feel like helps. I also feel like the graphics are slightly improved. Or more shiny. Now I don’t wanna brag or anything, but I’ve beaten this game at lest eight times and I feel like I know the ins and outs of this game. From here on I don’t thing you can fix the controls much, (thanks for trying Bennet) it’s just that dragging the hammer all the way around on a small little phone screen isn’t the easiest thing to do, bud if you have an iPad and play this game. I actually think that would be best. However, one that’s still a problem for me. Lag. Again with how many times I’ve played and beat this game, and while this is a hard thing to remove, the way the game deals with it is just weird. So when the games fps is slow, the game makes up for it by going faster. Since there’s no real time in the game you just swing really fast. At the radio tower you move really fast and even in some cases it crashes. But, I feel like that’s just a side effect of having this huge game on iOS with engine limitations. Cause there’s nothing like getting on the side of the tower and knocking yourself down all the way to the bucket. If you continue to make improvements this could be a fairly solid game. It’s a fun game. To Bennet: no hard feelings. Overall, it’s the B-est B-game of them all. B+ Sorry if this was really lengthy, just needed to point some things out.

I got over it

It makes you feel awesome inside when it’s completed


Listen I love your game and it’s very frustrating, but I am near the radio tower but I can’t climb up because it’s so laggy. And after it lags so much it crashes my game. So plz Bennett if you are reading this plz fix it. Edit:Plz fix it soon

My favorite game

This has been my favorite game since it came out. It is outstanding.


This game is one of the most beautiful games I’ve ever played it not THE MOST beautiful!

Shouldn’t have been released on iPhone

It’s kind hard to play this game with 5 inch screen


Uniquely frustrating, uncompromising, and mind boggling, I still can’t find fault with this game. I think Bennet Foddy is a clever individual indeed, and this game is nothing short of a work of art. A frustrating, occasionally stupid work of art.


Humbling experience. This game not only pours the anger out of you, but establishes patience and represents society as a whole. Truthfully a breathtaking experience.

Hardest game ever

Even harder than I expected

Great game. Lagging at top though.

The game is fantastic. I am playing on an iPhone 6 and when I get to the satellite tower, the game begins to lag to the point where it becomes nearly unplayable. The hammer swings around uncontrollably, and it has ruined a few of my best times at the very end. If you could fix this issue the game would be even better and more enjoyable. Thanks!

This Is truly amazing.

When I started this game a couple weeks ago, I thought I could never beat it. I’ve watched YouTubers beat It, and that was all I could think of for the past few weeks. Every obstacle, harder, and harder along the journey. But when I climbed to the top, I nearly cried. This Is more than just a game, It’s art; beautiful art. I couldn’t feel more happier, than getting over it. Thank you.

Oddly Perfect

This game was very interesting to play, and after my 10 minute speedrun was complete, I figured I would finally come over here and give my opinion on the game. A pretty interesting experience, from the lakeside to the cell tower. Rage was an integral part of my experience, as was most, but it taught me about what is worth getting upset over. Very few bugs, just one small soft lock that really made me mad: Cell tower, accidentally swinging behind the right side. Traps you right before the end of the game. Very upsetting to experience. Outside of that, was a good competition among friends and deserving of my rare positive rating. Thanks, Bennett, for making a frustrating yet overwhelmingly positive gameplay experience for me. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

I wanna die

My fingers hurt, but at least I finished the stupid game.

The suffering

I absolutely love this game, but it’s so hard! Don’t change a thing!


I recently Bought this game how long will it take to receive my receipt

Acceleration bug

Came back to the game after not having played it for a couple hours, controls seemed funky so I quit the app and reopened it. After a minute of trying to carefully move the characters hammer around (unsuccessfully, since the slightest move would have him swinging as hard as possible), he launched himself off the top of the game back to start. Great

Great game

This game is fun and addictive but it is very rage worthy so don’t recommend for people that rage a lot.

Edit: Update feels great

I am glad the game is better. Thank you.

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