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Why no ending

As someone who has played both the IOS version and PC version, I was wondering why can’t you get the ending on IOS. Still a great game though.

I got over it.

You will too. Don’t give up.


I like it

God Tier Game

This game is amazingly fun because it gives you a challenge. It challenges you with such beautiful scenery of objects that couldn’t be made like that until this game. I only have one problem which is I beat the game, but I didn’t get the golden cauldron.


Impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible impossible

Hard but is cool

Question: do we get the golden pot after 50 games on Iphone X? I am on game 28. Thank you

Playing is its own reward

It's frustrating. It's hurtful. You get subtly taunted with inspirational quotes. Some obstacles will appear insurmountable. But you'll preservere. You'll endure. You'll get to the top of the mountain and you'll reach triumph. I believe in you. Also I'm screaming because the game never gave me my final reward and I sat through the credits, they ended, and I just kept floating forever. Surely that's not right?! Do developers love when people complain about bugs in the review?


I want my money back

Cool but

This game really hurts my thumbs

For the love of god

If you are going develop a game that requires precision, learn to develop controls that have matching precision. I appreciate this game is purposely frustrating, and it has the potential to be an incredible game. But the controls are a joke. This is unacceptable for a 5 dollar game.


Got to the satellite tower and then the hammer started spazzing out and hit me back down the snake. Finally beat it though!

Too hard

When you get to the part where the lights are in the mountain you can’t get any farther than that!!!!!!!

Put some effort in games for once

I liked the beginning of the game but once you get to the construction site it’s just unfair, unpolished, and plain old bad. Do not waste your money on this game

I love this but 1 thing missing

Joysticks missing

My review

It said don’t hate the player hate the game soooooooooo

Love it maybe add joystick controls as an option

Like I said joystick controls would be a nice alternative The game is great the music and having you talk Bennett really helps thanks for a great game

Good game

Great game. There is one bug though. Every time app is restarted whatever progress you had can be wiped out because the first thing the guy in the pot does is launches himself in a random direction which more often than not brings you back to the very beginning. Very frustrating. One thing when it is your fault, but when app is doing that to you you begin to wonder if it is worth it. Please fix it.

Would love to try this on PC

However, I have to give the mobile version a low score. I bought this game for $5 on my iPad while I was on vacation for a couple of days and did not have a PC with me. I have to agree with other reviews that say the game’s real challenge is overcoming the touch controls. The screen will miss gestures entirely, or misinterpret them, sending my character flying off the map in a random direction after I barely move my finger. In addition, the game’s “60 FPS” video setting will completely nullify the sensitivity settings, and it becomes absolutely unplayable at any sensitivity. At this point, the voiceover becomes a true source of frustration, as the developer removes responsibility from himself as a game designer and places blame on the player for being unable to complete the challenge. In reality, the mobile version of this game still has a slew of design problems that prevent a skilled, patient player from advancing, and which need to be addressed. I will probably still buy this on Steam so I can prove myself, but I regret spending $5 on this.

Buggy end-of-game

The end of the game after the ice cliff is extremely buggy. After getting past the shopping cart there’s a surge of lag on my iPad, making the game much harder to control. After managing the lag nd making it to the radio tower, the lag made my iPad restart. I don’t know if I can beat the game at this point. Other than this, the game is great.

Kinda buggy

Let’s get straight to the point, I like this game but it lags A LOT. They are just sudden lag spikes that make my hammer jolt really fast. Ik some people would say “ oh then it’s just your WiFi”. I have the best WiFi on the planet (McDonalds WiFi). I do recommend this game tho, good game Bennett Foddy


This game is fantastic! Even though my phone screen broke when I rage quitted one time. The credits at the end are also really cute and sweet! Awesome game

Kill me

Kill me

Awesome Game!!!!!

This game is super awesome. Since I can’t play it on pc this is a really cool idea for me. The controls are a tiny bit weird but other than that, this game is amazing (and pretty frustrating at times).


The controls: GARBAGE. Does it quit on you?: You bet it does. Fix this game it’s garbage

I wish to god I hadn’t given this jerk any of my money.

I knew this game would be challenging but I had no idea how pretentious it would be from start to my realization that I was deriving absolutely zero enjoyment from it. From the awful, condescending narration — designed exclusively to make the player feel like garbage for not being good enough to play this game — to the deliberately cruel design, to the truly awful and inconsistent control scheme on iOS, this game is an exercise in torture and meanness. I get it, this is the point of the game. Sure. But it’s so deliberately smug, so arrogant and condescending to my attempts to make any progress that it makes me feel almost as terrible as the rest of my life does. I guess I’m not the audience for this kind of game, but I don’t need the game itself to constantly remind me what a failure I am while I fail at it. I think the developer put it best in the narration when he said (I’m paraphrasing here) “when I put a new obstacle in the game and couldn’t get past it, it immediately felt like it was my fault as a player, not as a designer.” The massive ego that he’s managed to cultivate from making deliberately sloppy, impossible-to-control games is so ridiculously cruel that the struggle of trying to beat them isn’t worth the effort of having to listen to him talk to me the whole time.

Fun game, poor controls

The accuracy will never be as good as PC obviously but the controls are still buggy as it will randomly move the hammer fast even when you barely move the hammer (this is with low to medium sensitivity and acceleration turned off). Just standing still and swinging the air will let you see how bad the accuracy is. This is with an iPhone 7 Plus.

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

I hate this game it doesn’t work

My biggest issue is not the expected frustration

I have an iPhone X I am constantly accidentally exiting the app because of the swipe up feature. Is there a setting we can add to disable this mechanic while in game play?


All that the game needs is a fixed joystick.


It’s pretty fun but after the update it won’t start on my iPhone X it’s just stuck on the loading screen

can't open in ios 11.3

please fix it

I like the game

I would love if you could add a feature so players could practice certain points so they could get better and beat it quicker

Frustrating fun

Yes, this game makes you work and sets you back frequently but carries a sense of humor and a simple enjoyment in overcoming obstacles. Definite hit!

Great game

I love this game I had so much fun with it and I would really recommend it. Even though you will get mad a lot.

Lol hello

This game is Nice, i just wish it had legs lol or different equipments to get though the mountains. Its hard to Control my little buddy on the Pot with water lol.HE NEEDS A JET PACK! Its testing my patients

Quite possibly the best rage game of all time.

I absolutely love this game. It’s both frustrating and philosophical. Bennett’s narration throughout the game touches on the issues of trash culture and a lack of freshness on the internet, as well as pesters you with “inspirational” quotes every time you lose a lot of progress. The gameplay has virtually no flaws, and is almost equivalent to the PC version. Definitely worth the five dollars.

Great Game

This game is great but every time I get to the tower it starts to lag. Other than that totally worth 5$

Doesn’t load

Unable to get past initial loading screen (iPhone X)


The journey was amazing!

Great game but lags a lot

*Update* So I still think this game is really good as I’m currently trying to get the golden cauldron but I keep finding having trouble because of lag. It was just at the very end of the game but now it’s almost all the time and it messes me up and causes me to screw up and fall. I have tried 60 FPS mode but I find that actually makes it 10x worse. I hope this can be fixed so the game can be fair and not screw me over at almost every opportunity. I really like this game! I think the concept of this game is very unique and fun but also also very challenging and unforgiving at times. The controls seemed very confusing and broken for me when I first started but after playing for a week or two I got better and better and I think they are decent and learnable (I have not played this on the PC). The only thing that kind of dampened the experience for me was Bennet Foddys dialogue about the game and basically games in general. Overall I get what he was trying to do but I just feel it was unneeded and was a bit annoying to listen to while trying to beat his game. Especially since he has this pretentious attitude about other games and tries to pretend his game is totally different when in reality there are plenty of difficult games that do the same type of things that this game does (he should try a game like dark souls). Also after beating this game 10 times, I can tell you that just like these “fake” obstacles from other video games Bennet talks about, there are methods and strategies to overcome every obstacle in this game. Thankfully you can mute him and I think the idea of the game then becomes more impactful. Overall I think this a fantastic game and definitely something that people should check out (especially if you love platformers like me). 😊 *One last issue that I hope Bennet will fix is the game gets real laggy at the end and lag spikes will happen and cause you to mess up in big ways so I hope this gets fixed.*

Excellent Concept

The narration adds a lot to the experience. Oddly immersive; the beauty is in the simplicity of the idea behind it

Are you sure the bugs are fixed?

I'm at the end of the game and every time I climb the tower it breaks the game?

Money back

I want my money back because its too hard to control its just not a good game for me


On the part where there is two ledges and you have to get to the top one, my hammer just doesn’t move, or it pushes me off

Great game, but VERY glitchy at the end

I have won this game 51 times now, and it has been fun for the most part, but at the end of the game it constantly glitches and kicks me out of the game.

Really this game costs more money than it should have

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Infuriating glitch

At unpredictable times, the hammer moves to the complete opposite side of where you are at completely launching you when you least expect it. Very irritating and has messed me up countless times. Please roll out an update to fix this. 🙏


Many people say this game hates you. This is incorrect. This game despises you. It will do everything it can and more to make you feel pain, heartbreak, suffering. And yet you keep going. And that's why I think this is one of the best games ever made on the App Store. Bennett Foddy, you have created something truly timeless.

A mentally confused substitute of a game.

This game is so frustrating and inhumanly raging that I had to delete it. It was fun at first but the more progress you made the more you lost. I really got to give it to the creators for making such a game that builds hate. If this game was a person he’d have acne and wear a button down shirt with suspenders.

Amazing one min RAGE the next

The worst take aways and the best accomplishments. Best 5 bucks I’ve ever spent on my phone.

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