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Just beat the game on an iPhone 6+

I was apprehensive about buying the game on iPhone- out of fear that it would be impossible to complete, but it’s possible(just incredibly difficult) What you need to know is this quote from the game: “frustration is underrated” That’s what this game is about- and, in that sense, it was successful


4 stars cause great game but I can’t tell if the controls were made to purposely mess you up or not

HAte this

I never been so mad in my life I keep falling and feel like screaming and destroying my phone I want you to make its here there’s a wall where I can’t fall because I’m raging hard I deleted the game once and downloaded it again to see if I pass it


First of all I just want to say That I Absolutely love this game. But if you or your child is thinking about buying this game, DONT. The controls are absolute torture on mobile devices, making it actually impossible to complete the game. And a bonus that the horrid controls give is that it will cause you to rage like there is no tommorow. If you want to get this game, GET IT ON PC. It will make the gameplay so much easier and A LOT less stressful. It is worth the extra couple bucks. Just do it, or don’t buy the game. Trust me. ;)

Game breaking awful controls

A fantastic idea for a quirky game. It falls apart quickly when the orientation for the one object you control changes and consistently gets conveniently stuck to objects at random when purposeful placement proves to be haphazard at best.

Ok but 1 thing

Please make an option to put a joystick of the players choice

I never raged in my life

Today I saw youtubers play this monstrosity of a game and I laughed at their pain and suffering until I got this game. The machanics are horrible but on purpose and you get glinted off everywhere you go but it’s not like any other game I’ve played over the years, no this game is physical and real maneuver for a person and it might be frustrating and I absolutely hated it I also loved it it’s awful but I could keep away from playing. It took me a while I raged a lot and finally I made it up the hill and it was the most amazing feeling I ever felt, I felt like i did something incredible and to me I did. So in conclusion this game was hard but rewarding, for me at least.

VERY Frustrating, but VERY Fun

This game is very frustrating because you know you can drop back to the start at any moment in time, and when you do you die a little on the inside. It’s very fun because you know you can get back up and get higher than before. Would recommend if you’re not a soar loser.


This game makes me want to kill myself 5 stars

Lovely, but glitches...

I absolutely love this game from the bottom of my heart, but weird stuff happens. For example, I get frame drops and EXTREMELY high sensitivity when I’m at a lower elevation of the mountain. Hopefully this will get sorted out in the next update, it’s kinda been messing with me knowing that my falls will be harder to recover. Thanks!!

Not ideal for iPhone X

Game runs fine and everything, is difficult, but the gesture controls for closing apps and opening the app switcher makes playing pretty frustrating. I open them both all the time by mistake while I’m trying to swing the pick, which ruins whatever you’re in the middle of. Not really the game’s fault, but another platform is probably the better way to play this.

Worst game ever

F this game I want a refund

So good!

I just want to say is that I just bought this game yesterday and, I felt it was worth the money! The graphics are amazing and I felt extremely satisfied with the updated game. Usually I don’t buy games but this one caught my attention, I vividly remember videos of people playing the game so I thought about giving it a shot! Thank you so much!


Controls are terrible. Don’t waste your money. Also, this ‘Bennet Giddy’ guy seems to think he’s a philosopher, and compares himself to Diogenes. Yeah right. I hope this guy learns something someday. What a hack.

Mistitled game.

The title should be “Me Getting Over Myself.” This is slightly faulty and rickety mechanics posing as some philosophical journey. If the description didn’t make you roll your eyes, the game will. Two stars for the oddball look of the character, but not the game.

Terrible controls

No matter what sensitivity this game hurts your thumb and is completely worthless on your phone. Way easier and just more enjoyable on computer. Your finger to the hammer does not pick up correctly. Waste of $3


I don’t know what this guy is like in person but this game makes me want to punch him for torturing my brain. I think it’s supposed to do that... Five Stars.

Love/HATE relationship

Only get if you really wanna throw your phone and have it smash into little pieces then shooting it and finally setting it on fire, fun but F***************CK I hate this game

Amazing game

NOTE: Causes overheating on iPhone X. Not sure about other iPhones, but have seen many complaints about X overheating from resource-intensive games. Once the heat starts, it starts lagging everything including home screen/outside of app & drains battery. None of the online tips worked. Playing in low power mode (background app refresh off, etc) seems to only delay the onset. Only remedy I’ve found so far is holding the phone close to a fan or car AC and manually cooling it off. Don’t think Apple has been willing to comment on it. Amazing game. Frustrating and at times annoying, but fun and well worth the struggle.

This is a stupidly weird frustrating game I’ve ever experienced

If anyone can beat this stupid long game then you can speedrun like how can anyone beat this in less than 5 minutes. I’m betting everyone that beat this game will do this challenge in less than 5 minutes.


Bought this with my remaining 6 out of 15 bucks. Regret it 100%. Sensitivity makes it HORRIBLE. Got to The Devil's Chimney or whatever, tried to knock off the orange, found myself flying back over to the tree. I know this game is made to make you want to explode. But I don't care. Still hate it. Oh, and thanks for the captions. Made me want to jump off a cliff. 🙂 This is literally the worse version of that cheap hiking game that was the inspiration of this. Looked up the ending and it's just more of the guy talking. In the end, you'll be deleting it because it takes up too much space. 👎👎🏻👎🏼👎🏽👎🏾👎🏿

Bennett Foddy is a sadist... But I love it

This game captures the essence of what it means to be a rage game. The amount of time and effort put forth with little reward is both unsatisfactory and depressing, but it’s sooooooooooo goooooood.

Trash app

Brought on sale and wished I saved my money... Was fun for the first two mins and that was about it... Cool, I'm a dude in a jug with a hammer trying to climb a mountain... Oh wait just kidding you fall all the way to the floor... Awesome!

Getting Over Two?


A different type of frustration

Let me just say this right off the bat: I loved this game—I still do. But I have had several bad experiences with it. To start, basic control problems. Yeah, I get that with a touch screen, it is very hard to perfect, but come ON! I can hang on the edge of, let’s say, a cliff, with no problems, mainly. But when I put my finger down to move the hammer, the shaded circle which represents the path the hammer takes somehow TELEPORTS to anywhere on the screen, so naturally, the hammer goes that way, and FLINGS me off the cliff. This actually happened several times, especially in Orange Hell, and will probably continue to happen until it’s fixed. Also, in a few places, the hammer man (Diogenes?) goes through a period of extreme hypersensitivity, thus making it virtually impossible to safely control him. (Basically, fix the sensitivity! No matter where the dial is set, the game seems to follow its own rules, or rule, which seems to be “prevent the player from winning, no matter what the cost.” (I mean, more than is fair, anyway.)) And yet despite this, I still managed to beat the game. After launching myself off the cell tower and maneuvering through the asteroids, the credits started to roll. You can imagine my relief and excitement. Then, right after the second part of the credits (like, the paragraph “design, script, blah blah blah by Bennett Foddy,” before the song even started), the game crashed, meaning I was kicked out back into my home screen on my device. When I got back on, the game had restarted, at the part where the guy gets out of the cauldron and grabs the hammer. Naturally, one would assume the game thought I had watched the credits and sent me back to the beginning, so no complaints there, but the ONE THING that I wanted to do was SEE THE SECRET at the end of the credits! I have started again (what choice do I have?), and I hope that it doesn’t happen again. If it does, I... Don’t know what I would do. But seriously, Bennett, I hope you had enough patience to read to this part, because you forced every player who bought the game to do the same. Just please, fix the random crashes and sensitivity issues and you won’t hear a negative comment about this game from me ever again, because I love the game. I just hate the mistakes that have been made. So, just update it, Bennett. Thanks for reading this.

Love it, but...

Yes, I absolutely love this frustrating, hard, raged, game. But, it even admitted that it is a better copy of “Sexy Hiking” (look it up on the App Store). I wish you could make it just a little bit easier. Add a different character. And make that character a girl. It’s kind of sexist, saying “oh, only a boy could do this” when many girls could do it. Please take consideration in my suggestions. Thanks! 😘

I’ve never rated a game a 5

I’ve also never written a game review. This game was incredibly frustrating and hard. Took me 22 hrs of gameplay (according to the final splash screen) to finish over a period of about 6 months. I learned a lot about myself and that’s why I’m writing this review. Most games are entertaining/addicting/fun, or whatever; this game is all of those plus a level of frustration that is hard to explain. Overcoming frustration and the beginnings of rage was a start to mastering the ‘game’. The final key for me was to learn to enjoy the journey, especially starting over. Once you realize that you can climb, falling no longer scares you. This ‘game’ helped me to see these things and I understand that this is simply a microcosm of life. I highly recommend this game if you are willing to power through the hard times. Don’t bother if you are impatient and have a low threshold for pain.

Very very frustrating

I call this game the most frustrating in the world. But very fun as well. I would only recommend this game for those who are very patient.

Controls are TRASH

I like these types of games and have no problem with the challenge, but GEESH the controls are garbage!

Terrible on phone

The controls are awful, nearly impossible to get the hammer to behave how you want. This issue isn’t on PC. Save your money on this one because it’s a waste.


I would’ve rather paid to go see the emoji movie than buy this trash.

Getting Over It

This is a very fun and very rage inducing game. The only problem I have is that sometimes, (actually quite often), it crashes and the screen goes dark for more than a few seconds, which is really annoying. Fix this, and this is 5 stars for sure.

Good PC Transfer

Many developers have been attempting to port games from PC's to smart phones, and usually they fail pretty miserably or it just doesn't feel like the same game. I have this game on my computer and frankly they did a pretty good job of making this an ios game. I thought the controls would be mucked up or it would be laggy, but it works out pretty well. The only problem I have is the loading.

Good game but...

This Game was downloaded on my phone without me knowing. I myself didn’t download the game, but my sister did, is there a way to get my money back?

Good but bad

I love this game, for its butt-fuckingly hard obstacles. Overall, if you like to want to die, it’s good, otherwise, don’t play. -Ol’ Tommy Two Toes

Worked but then flopped.

I love this game. I’ve watched YouTubers play it. I downloaded it myself and it opened and worked once on my phone and refuses to load and open again. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling and that didn’t work. Don’t know what to do.😒

10 out of 10

Awesome just awesome you outdid yourselves this game is straight up awesome but VERY frustrating and there’s only a 1 percent chance f breaking your device remember 10 out of 10 keep it up

Fun and meaningful

I’m lazy and don’t want to spend the time explaining the facets of why this game is awesome but if you’re someone who enjoys a challenge, then you’ll love this game.

Great game but....

In all fairness I’m not sure if it’s my internet or the games glitchyness but after about 5-10 mins of playing it starts to get very choppy and erratic. Other than that it is a great game and I enjoy playing it.

Plz fix this

Hey Bennett please make the game like the pc version like it shows on the pictures and make a thumb stick if you do I will give you the five stars you deserve

The developer deserves one way ticket to hell

This app... oh my god. Infuriating. Frustrating. Wonderful graphics and music. Just enough snark to make me wish the developer misery. I would not wish this game on my worst enemy. If you’re into self inflicted misery, this game is right up your alley. Tie your phone to your hand... the desire to throw your device is real.

It’s fun but there’s a reason

I hate that the voice keeps talking very annoying and you made me brake my I pad


Punishingly infuriating. Love it! Real sense of accomplishment after every challenge. ADDICTING

If you had a game

If you had a game where you could never be positively sure that you could place your player character literally anywhere with any certainty, you would give the game a 0 out of 10 and demand your money back... unless the designer swore up and down that the apocalyptically bad controls were the point, told you the war crime of its level design was on purpose, scattered it with eye rolling motivational quotes and bad philosophy and called it “Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy”.

A game so horrible, it’s great...

Getting over it didn’t frustrate me too much except for when I had really big falls, and my motivation to win was $200 to win in all, and I won,! So it may simply be that I had a greater motivation, something to push me through in the end, but regardless, I still think it can be a really fun game to just pick up every once in a while.

Controls in another dimension

This is getting really annoying. Every time I try to circle the Hammer to the other side, he just pulls it in and pushes it out the other side. Whenever I try to gently push myself up, he rocket launches it to where I don’t want to go. Please fix this. And I suggest, make it that the hammer aims to where my finger is instead of whatever the heck the controls are now.

Pretty decent game

Amazing game overall, teaches players that patience is key to not only video games, but real life. Controls could be better on IOS, and end game the lag is insane, to the point where the hammer is moving all over the place with one slight finger motion, even when all the graphics and audio is turned down. Apart from this, great game.


I don’t know what it is about this game but I’ve literally probably beat it 100 times and I can’t stop

Hardest game ever

This game is hard but fun I love it!


I just got up to the radio tower, trying to complete the game for my 46th time. When I got to the top of the tower, I fell down and my hammer got stuck on the other side. This is why I’m only giving this 4 stars ( only one reason!!! ): the bugs and glitches and normal features that are still frustrating, that makes this game even harder.

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